Petwants Northern Westchester

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Hi! We’re Avery and Deuce.

We were rescued from shelters and live in Katonah with our human parents, Karen and Don Gotimer.

Karen & Don love us a lot – we know this because they found out about this great food called Pet Wants and they let us try some. We loved it! In fact, we loved it so much that Karen and Don decided they would open Pet Wants Northern Westchester so that lots of other dogs and cats could eat Pet Wants food too!

This super delicious and nutritious food is made fresh every month. Humans think that’s great because all of the nutrients that are slow cooked into those small batches each month don’t leak out before we get a chance to eat the food. We think it’s great because it doesn’t taste like stale crackers!

Here is what Karen and Don say about Pet Wants…

After owning separate businesses for many years, we wanted to open a local business we could run together. Pet Wants appealed to us because it’s all about pets and gives us an opportunity to build relationships with pet families. Although we are a locally-owned and operated business, we are part of the Pet Wants family. So, unlike pet stores that carry many national brands, when our customers have questions or challenges, we have a personalized community of concerned individuals – including Pet Wants nutritionists – we can turn to for support. We like that because it lets us build trusting relationships with our customers.

Pet Wants dog and cat kibble are made from only the highest grade ingredients. It is packed with meat protein, which comes from chicken, lamb, salmon, turkey, duck and whitefish. There are no questionable ingredients and no artificial preservatives. Unlike many other pet foods, Pet Wants food does not contain fillers like corn. That means that all of the protein is usable by the pet, so there’s more energy in every cup. This also means their skin and coat are healthy, which reduces hot spots, itching, and shedding. Our food also contains vitamins and minerals for supporting joint health as well as pre and probiotics for digestive health. There are no gimmicks, like fancy (but misleading) food names and packaging – just straightforward, nutritious and great tasting food.

Pet Wants proprietary food is slow cooked in small batches every month and is shipped directly to us. We then deliver it right to your door. There is no other kibble available anywhere that arrives at your door as fresh as Pet Wants. That means that when your pet eats Pet Wants, she is getting the maximum nutrient benefits in a delicious food.

Offering variety to your pets is no problem. At Pet Wants we sell all of our formulas by the pound in whatever quantity you want delivered each month. We can deliver our house made treats and natural “spaw” products as well.