Caturday Begins February 3

  • 1 February 2018
  • dgotimer

Caturday Health Tip- More Water!

Many cats do not get enough water in their diet. Cats evolved from desert animals and don’t a have a thirst drive like dogs. Cats like fresh flowing water and don’t always get enough to stay properly hydrated. Here are a few ways to get more water into your cat’s daily routine.


  1. Moist Food- Moist cat food has a higher water content than kibble, and is an easy way to add moisture into their diet. Look for cans or pouches that are high meat, grain free, and free of corn, wheat, soy, or animal by-products.
  2. Add a Pet Fountain- To promote more drinking, consider a pet fountain. It helps keep water flowing and promotes more trips to the water bowl.