How to Know If Pet Food is Fresh (and Why It Matters So Much)

Pet Food Nutrition
  • 30 March 2017
  • Pet Wants

When you go grocery shopping for your family, you probably take time to make sure all the food you choose is as fresh as possible. Not only is this true for produce, but also for packaged items. If you happen to come across a packaged food item that’s about to expire, chances are you will choose something else instead. How about pet food?
Since your pets are part of your family, you want the same type of standards for them. Unfortunately, figuring out if pet food is fresh or not can be quite a challenge. The problem is understanding what it really means for pet food to be fresh. The expiration date on a bag of dog or cat food doesn’t tell the full story.
Because the freshness and overall quality of the food your pet eats has an impact on everything from skin health to digestion, we want to explore the how and why of pet food freshness:
Most Commercial Pet Foods Aren’t Fresh
Even though pet food may be sitting on a store shelf right in front of you, it had to travel a long way to get there. When large commercial brands make pet food, they do so in huge batches. Instead of going directly to store shelves, these bags are sent to distribution centers. It’s not uncommon for bags to sit in these centers for months at a time before even being shipped to a store.
Then once they are shipped out, another significant period of time can pass before the food is actually put out for purchase. Add to that the fact that these types of pet foods rely on numerous preservatives and fillers, and it’s easy to understand why the food has very little to offer to a pet in regards to nutritional value.
Why Fresh Matters
The food a pet eats directly affects how it feels and the animal’s overall health. If a dog or cat doesn’t get the right nutrients in its diet, it can lead to all kinds of problems. The best way to ensure a pet gets its nutrients is by feeding balanced, fresh food. Even if pet food is made with ingredients that contain essential nutrients, those nutrients lose the majority of their value when they sit in a bag for months before being eaten.
The Pet Wants Approach to Fresh Food
Pet Wants was founded around taking a better approach to making dog and cat food. That’s why we use fresh, all-natural ingredients for all of our pet food formulas. And to ensure those ingredients deliver maximum nutritional value, we produce our food in small batches which we sell directly to our customers. This allows us to get fresh food to your pet in a timeframe that’s simply not possible for large commercial brands going through traditional distribution and retail systems.
For more information about pet nutrition or to try one of our formulas, please contact Pet Wants Northern Westchester at: (914) 471-0188.